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America’s best-known maker of documentaries shows no signs of slowing down. Since his Emmy Award-winning Brooklyn Bridge aired in 1981, Ken Burns has turned out more than two dozen historically themed works for PBS... |READ|

I’ll never star in an action blockbuster, practice Scientology, use Oprah’s couch for a trampoline or wear lifts in my shoes. |READ|

There are two things I learned right away when my family moved to Winter Park in 1967.  |READ|

Make a design statement with tile, which comes in every size, shape and look these days. |READ|

A new restaurant brings the cuisine of Basque country to the East End Market. |READ|

Here’s how 16 amateur climbers, four of whom were cancer survivors, pulled together to reach the summit of the world’s highest freestanding mountain. |READ|

A UCF senior who has endured two long, brutal battles with cancer wouldn’t wish his life on anybody else — but he’s stronger for having lived it. |READ|

The spectacular Diagon Alley expansion at Universal Orlando is a coming-of-age story in more ways than one. Here are seven of those ways. |READ|

Accessories take a heavy metal turn. |READ|

For some folks, it can only be Star Wars. For others, it’s Citizen Kane. But for many, the greatest motion picture ever made is — and always will be — Gone With the Wind. |READ|

When I say “Florida Film Festival,” what comes to mind? |READ|

Each earned a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a soloist. But just try thinking of any one of them without bringing to mind the other two. |READ|

Good things — including works of art — come in small packages. |READ|

The 24th season of the Orlando Philharmonic’s summer chamber music series is being celebrated in a brand-new home. |READ|

It’s been 22 years since she rearranged the pop-rock landscape with her first solo album, Little Earthquakes. |READ|

People I don’t even know are controlling my mood. Some days they want to make me happy. Some days they want to make me sad. And they do. |READ|

When photographer Sherri Bunye was growing up in Orlando, her father worked as a trucker, hauling freight up and down I-4. Something about that stayed with her, and one result is her current exhibit at the Orange County Regional History Center, FloridaScapes: I-4 – The Exits Less Traveled. |READ|

Kevin Smith arrived on the scene in the 1990s as the writer-director of such controversy-courting indie flicks as Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats and Dogma. But in recent years he’s morphed into an all-purpose pop-culture guru-cum-impresario. |READ|

More than one trap door awaits the audience of Deathtrap. Playwright Ira Levin’s cerebral play-within-a-play, which will be presented Aug. 23-36 at the University of Central Florida’s Theatre UCF Main Stage, has more sharp turns than an M.C. Escher stairway. |READ|

It’s the season when“take a seat” takes on a whole new meaning. The 8th Annual Red Chair Affair, a combination auction/arts preview of upcoming cultural events, will be held Aug. 25 at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center. |READ|

Go or no go? That was the question for 153 space shuttle and Apollo launches dating back to 1966. The answer always came from one place: the Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Control Center. |READ|

An insider’s guide to the finer things, from home to health, from art to attire. |READ|

An insider’s guide  to the finer things, from home to health, from art to attire. |READ|

On weekends, Jake, Seemore and Willie are rodeo horses. But for three hours every Thursday over a recent two-month span, they functioned as four-legged co-counselors to wounded American heroes. |READ|