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Kevin Smith arrived on the scene in the 1990s as the writer-director of such controversy-courting indie flicks as Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats and Dogma. But in recent years he’s morphed into an all-purpose pop-culture guru-cum-impresario. |READ|

More than one trap door awaits the audience of Deathtrap. Playwright Ira Levin’s cerebral play-within-a-play, which will be presented Aug. 23-36 at the University of Central Florida’s Theatre UCF Main Stage, has more sharp turns than an M.C. Escher stairway. |READ|

It’s the season when“take a seat” takes on a whole new meaning. The 8th Annual Red Chair Affair, a combination auction/arts preview of upcoming cultural events, will be held Aug. 25 at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center. |READ|

Go or no go? That was the question for 153 space shuttle and Apollo launches dating back to 1966. The answer always came from one place: the Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Control Center. |READ|

An insider’s guide to the finer things, from home to health, from art to attire. |READ|

An insider’s guide  to the finer things, from home to health, from art to attire. |READ|

On weekends, Jake, Seemore and Willie are rodeo horses. But for three hours every Thursday over a recent two-month span, they functioned as four-legged co-counselors to wounded American heroes. |READ|

Children’s film series are often assembled with little thought and less taste, typically including a Pokemon film or two, something with Smurfs, a Spy Kids entry and maybe a Chipmunks flick. |READ|

This summer, wear it all, wear it well and wear it any time you like, with bold jewelry pieces that will easily transition from day to night. |READ|

SECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK OF CENTRAL FLORIDA has broken ground on a new $15 million, 100,000-square-foot distribution center in Orlando, at the corner of Mercy Drive and Old Winter Garden Road. Second Harvest currently serves 55,000 people each week by distributing donated food to more than 500 partner agencies in metro Orlando. |READ|

One night in the mid-1970s after a concert by Bruce Springsteen, in his pre-superstar days of playing small auditoriums, I lingered in the parking lot next to his tour bus just so I could shake his hand, the lone male fan in a crowd of giggling girls. |READ|

It’s a movie buff’s dream: The chance to see one of the greatest silent films of the 1920s in a lovingly renovated movie house of the era. And all for five bucks. |READ|

Beams of sunlight bathe rolling hills. Green hues glimmer from deep woods. A rainstorm slashes across a mountainside so briskly you can all but feel the sting of it against your face. |READ|

There’s a howler monkey from Argentina, a baby from Peru and a lizard from the Sahara. There’s a woman from the Netherlands whose last meal was blackberry porridge and a high priest from Egypt whose name was Nes-pa-qa-shuti. |READ|

An old deli gets a new life and a new name; the revived Winter Park Plaza goes from vegetative to vegetarian; Baldwin Park Village Center is under new management; authentic Mayan fare is in the future for South Park Avenue. |READ|

I​’m not here to make you feel guilty. But the simple truth is that most of us sit too much and move too little. It’s time we all faced a corollary to that simple truth: We’re teaching this habit to our children, and that’s not fair to them. Because the results could be disastrous. |READ|

On the surface, Sushi Pop is a wacky little restaurant that serves fascinating food. You’ll be instantly intrigued by the offbeat decorative elements and dazzled by servers wearing pink wigs and clashing neon clothing. It doesn’t take long to figure out that this is not your standard suburban susheria. |READ|

Start with a bronzer or a tanning tuneup at your favorite spa. Add sunblock and light makeup with a hint of pink and coral. Then it’s time to find the right look – from nostalgia to glamour, from timeless to bohemian – and head for the water. One way or the other, we’ve got you covered. |READ|

If you ever want to make my skin crawl, I’ll give you two words right now that will always do the trick: tot mom. Somehow it all comes down to that for me. |READ|

Unlike most of the other key figures in the Casey Anthony murder trial, prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick avoided the spotlight, did her job and kept her opinions to herself. In an exclusive interview with Orlando Home & Leisure, she opens up for the first time about her life, her career and the explosive trial she’s trying to put behind her. |READ|

Orlando can be a great place for singles. We bypass all Internet algorithms to factor in a few of the more unusual dating and socializing options for the solo set, from intercontinental romances to relationship possibilities that might be waiting right around the corner. Plus, local author Liz Langley on how love can make you crazy. |READ|

Rona Gindin is a freelance writer and editor specializing in restaurants and travel. A native New Yorker, the award-winning journalist contributes regularly to national publications and is the author of The Little Black Book of Walt Disney World.

Sometimes there’s a lot more to a drum-and-bugle corps than drums and bugles. You can see for yourself June 23, when Drum Corps International presents some of the top drum corps in North America at the Florida Citrus Bowl. |READ|

You are being ushered through the cobblestoned streets of Paris by a guide who obviously knows them well. There’s just one thing. As you drift by romantic alfresco cafés, quaint shops and hidden courtyards, there’s not a soul in sight. |READ|