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Getting in shape can be a challenge for busy women. Check out these three hot fitness trends. |READ|

Artisan’s Table is bringing modern American cuisine to downtown Orlando. |READ|

The soon-to-open Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts means a new era for the performing arts in Orlando, among other things. |READ|

Central Florida’s arts-and-entertainment season gears up. We’ve sifted through the choices to compile our annual “Can’t Miss” list. |READ|

A look at the latest in fall fashion trends in a seaside setting: the Atlantic Center for the Arts. |READ|

When I think about Broadway stars, I think flamboyant. Nathan Lane. Neil Patrick Harris. Liza Minnelli. People with big — almost too big — personalities. |READ|

One big difference between the Global Peace Film Festival and other film festivals is what happens after you watch a movie there. |READ|

Last year, two lovable sisters named Anna and Elsa melted hearts in Frozen. |READ|

You know the story. You probably absorbed the moral, too: Don’t get too big for your britches. If you fly too high, your wax-and-feather wings will melt, and you’ll crash and burn, just like Icarus did. |READ|

Call him Batman. Rob Mies is obsessed with the fanged and furry critters. He writes books about bats, discusses them on talk shows and lobbies for their conservation. |READ|

When people ask me why I don’t write fiction, I tell them that I like writing about the real world because God makes up better stories than I ever could. |READ|

Surgery is serious business. Even a small mistake can end a life, or ruin it. Few people know this better than Orlando’s Dr. James Rosser, a nationally known surgeon and educator who likes to warm up for the operating room by playing a video game suitable for 6-year-olds. |READ|

I’ll never star in an action blockbuster, practice Scientology, use Oprah’s couch for a trampoline or wear lifts in my shoes. |READ|

There are two things I learned right away when my family moved to Winter Park in 1967.  |READ|

Make a design statement with tile, which comes in every size, shape and look these days. |READ|

A new restaurant brings the cuisine of Basque country to the East End Market. |READ|

Here’s how 16 amateur climbers, four of whom were cancer survivors, pulled together to reach the summit of the world’s highest freestanding mountain. |READ|

A UCF senior who has endured two long, brutal battles with cancer wouldn’t wish his life on anybody else — but he’s stronger for having lived it. |READ|

The spectacular Diagon Alley expansion at Universal Orlando is a coming-of-age story in more ways than one. Here are seven of those ways. |READ|

Accessories take a heavy metal turn. |READ|

For some folks, it can only be Star Wars. For others, it’s Citizen Kane. But for many, the greatest motion picture ever made is — and always will be — Gone With the Wind. |READ|

When I say “Florida Film Festival,” what comes to mind? |READ|

Each earned a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a soloist. But just try thinking of any one of them without bringing to mind the other two. |READ|

Good things — including works of art — come in small packages. |READ|