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I’ll never star in an action blockbuster, practice Scientology, use Oprah’s couch for a trampoline or wear lifts in my shoes. |READ|

What do you hate most about going to the doctor? For me, it’s not the needles, the paper gowns, the poking, probing and prodding. It’s not even the necessity of producing “samples” in flimsy paper cups. |READ|

There are two things I learned right away when my family moved to Winter Park in 1967.  |READ|

Make a design statement with tile, which comes in every size, shape and look these days. |READ|

A new restaurant brings the cuisine of Basque country to the East End Market. |READ|

Here’s how 16 amateur climbers, four of whom were cancer survivors, pulled together to reach the summit of the world’s highest freestanding mountain. |READ|

A UCF senior who has endured two long, brutal battles with cancer wouldn’t wish his life on anybody else — but he’s stronger for having lived it. |READ|

The spectacular Diagon Alley expansion at Universal Orlando is a coming-of-age story in more ways than one. Here are seven of those ways. |READ|

Accessories take a heavy metal turn. |READ|

For some folks, it can only be Star Wars. For others, it’s Citizen Kane. But for many, the greatest motion picture ever made is — and always will be — Gone With the Wind. |READ|

When I say “Florida Film Festival,” what comes to mind? |READ|

Each earned a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a soloist. But just try thinking of any one of them without bringing to mind the other two. |READ|

Good things — including works of art — come in small packages. |READ|

The 24th season of the Orlando Philharmonic’s summer chamber music series is being celebrated in a brand-new home. |READ|

It’s been 22 years since she rearranged the pop-rock landscape with her first solo album, Little Earthquakes. |READ|

People I don’t even know are controlling my mood. Some days they want to make me happy. Some days they want to make me sad. And they do. |READ|

When photographer Sherri Bunye was growing up in Orlando, her father worked as a trucker, hauling freight up and down I-4. Something about that stayed with her, and one result is her current exhibit at the Orange County Regional History Center, FloridaScapes: I-4 – The Exits Less Traveled. |READ|

Kevin Smith arrived on the scene in the 1990s as the writer-director of such controversy-courting indie flicks as Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats and Dogma. But in recent years he’s morphed into an all-purpose pop-culture guru-cum-impresario. |READ|

More than one trap door awaits the audience of Deathtrap. Playwright Ira Levin’s cerebral play-within-a-play, which will be presented Aug. 23-36 at the University of Central Florida’s Theatre UCF Main Stage, has more sharp turns than an M.C. Escher stairway. |READ|

It’s the season when“take a seat” takes on a whole new meaning. The 8th Annual Red Chair Affair, a combination auction/arts preview of upcoming cultural events, will be held Aug. 25 at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center. |READ|

Go or no go? That was the question for 153 space shuttle and Apollo launches dating back to 1966. The answer always came from one place: the Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Control Center. |READ|

An insider’s guide to the finer things, from home to health, from art to attire. |READ|

An insider’s guide  to the finer things, from home to health, from art to attire. |READ|

On weekends, Jake, Seemore and Willie are rodeo horses. But for three hours every Thursday over a recent two-month span, they functioned as four-legged co-counselors to wounded American heroes. |READ|