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Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher, may have had a more difficult time understanding building than he did religion, morality, culture and science. |READ|

The mid-century modern architecture popularized by Orlando architect Nils Schweizer lives on. Plus, a primer on remodeling your existing home or building a new custom home, with tips from the experts. |READ|

Surprises abound in our annual look at Central Florida’s best eateries, starting with our choice for the region’s best new independent restaurant. |READ|

I’m all about the scenic lakes, curried parks and sleek high-rises of the City Beautiful. But I also like to hang out down by the railroad tracks. |READ|

Sizzling holiday looks, showcased at Disney’s new Four Seasons Resort Orlando. |READ|

Chase Padgett used to be a turtle. Not a real turtle, of course, but the voice of Crush, the animated surfer-dude turtle at Epcot’s Turtle Talk With Crush attraction. |READ|

Jerry Seinfeld and Lewis Black are both comedians, and they’re both coming to the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach. But they’re two very different guys. |READ|

Sometimes, people make the best of friends under the worst of circumstances. When they do, it can make for an inspiring tale. The Best of Enemies, which runs through Nov. 16 at Orlando Shakespeare’s Goldman Theater, is a prime example. |READ|

Sure, he’s sold more than 100 million albums, won five Grammy Awards, graced the cover of Time magazine and exchanged inspiration with musical megastars from The Beatles to Carole King. |READ|

Classical music is often perceived as elitist. Then there’s Carmina Burana, whose most famous movement, “O Fortuna,” has been used as a soundtrack for The Simpsons and to get the crowd charged up at Wrestlemania XIV. |READ|

The most notorious stage-door Johnny in history is back. Actually, he never really left. Such is life for the title character of The Phantom of the Opera, a mad-love lothario who haunts a Parisian opera house while nursing a crush on a beautiful ingénue. |READ|

Sometimes getting the most out of life comes down to a simple choice, such as: a truck, or a trip? |READ|

Getting in shape can be a challenge for busy women. Check out these three hot fitness trends. |READ|

Artisan’s Table is bringing modern American cuisine to downtown Orlando. |READ|

The soon-to-open Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts means a new era for the performing arts in Orlando, among other things. |READ|

Central Florida’s arts-and-entertainment season gears up. We’ve sifted through the choices to compile our annual “Can’t Miss” list. |READ|

A look at the latest in fall fashion trends in a seaside setting: the Atlantic Center for the Arts. |READ|

Call him Batman. Rob Mies is obsessed with the fanged and furry critters. He writes books about bats, discusses them on talk shows and lobbies for their conservation. |READ|

When people ask me why I don’t write fiction, I tell them that I like writing about the real world because God makes up better stories than I ever could. |READ|

Surgery is serious business. Even a small mistake can end a life, or ruin it. Few people know this better than Orlando’s Dr. James Rosser, a nationally known surgeon and educator who likes to warm up for the operating room by playing a video game suitable for 6-year-olds. |READ|

I’ll never star in an action blockbuster, practice Scientology, use Oprah’s couch for a trampoline or wear lifts in my shoes. |READ|

There are two things I learned right away when my family moved to Winter Park in 1967.  |READ|

Make a design statement with tile, which comes in every size, shape and look these days. |READ|

A new restaurant brings the cuisine of Basque country to the East End Market. |READ|